General Frankos: Mr. Soltz you owe 246 billion minus 4 billion EUROS due to the modernization of LEOPARD & MEKO

“We were not surprised by Erdoğan’s moves” said Honorary GES Chief General Fr. Frank

About the test launch of the Tayfun, the short-range ballistic missile built by the Turks and the provocative rhetoric from the neighbors about the blow it can inflict on Greece, the Honorary Chief of the GES General Fr. Frankos who pointed out that the Greek armed forces were not surprised by Erdogan’s moves.

“In the context of the geostrategic revisionary expansionary policy implemented by Ankara in the region, Mr. Erdogan made sure to give an instruction to Roketsan, a state-owned company, to proceed with the development of ballistic missiles, in principle of short range,” said General Fragoulis Fragos.

Speaking about Tayyip Erdogan, the honorary head of the GES revealed that the Turkish president’s goal was for this missile to be able to travel 2,500 km, giving Turkey the ability to control the wider region and play the role of a regional power.

“We were not surprised by Erdogan’s moves,” said Mr. Frangoulis, emphasizing that from the maps published by the Turks, they now put us in a concentric circle, and not only us, but neighboring countries such as Cyprus and Israel.

Very low morale of the Turkish army

“Their concern was because Iran and its nuclear program are also developing. Iran already has such ballistic missiles of two thousand kilometers,” said Mr. Fragos, estimating that this missile test had another reason: the animating of the Turkish army, which sees the superiority of the Greeks in the air due to the Rafale.

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Referring to the show “Connections” about the Greek defense industry, which, as he said, is a huge question mark, pointing out that it is WRONG to discredit the Greek Defense Industry and that we should also rely on our own strengths.

Citing as an example the construction of Greek UAVs at low cost a few years ago, a program that unfortunately did not proceed, he characteristically stated that “other parameters enter and are not developed”.

Returning to Turkey and its armament program, he estimated that in a reasonable period of time it will be reinforced with American F-16 or Rafale fighters because “they cannot remove them completely and send them to Russia and China”.

The know-how for the Tayfun missile, which is an evolution of the Bora, has been revealed by Pakistan and China.

“From here on, however, we will have to take into account how we will deal with it,” said Mr. Fragos, focusing on the visit of the Greek Foreign Minister to Ukraine and the parallel he made with the attitude of Turkey and Russia.

“We live here. We have this revisionism. We should be coordinated. No thought for the S-300, because it is one of the two systems which is anti-ballistic and can face what the Turks have” Mr. Fragos pointed out.

According to the General, the Turkish Tayfun ballistic missiles “are not ready” but on the contrary, what worries him is the Akuyu nuclear power plant that is being built by Russians in Turkey.

“The Americans should know that since they are worried about Iran’s nuclear program… they should know that Akoyou is in a seismic area,” Mr. Fragos added.

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At a cost of 20 billion euros, in the south of Turkey, Mr. Frankos pointed out that Akouyou is one of three nuclear plants that Ankara will build.

“The second is in Sinopi, where the missile ended up, and the third will be in Eastern Thrace. Our concern is that it is in a seismic zone and the Americans must understand that it threatens their own interests. In the quiver of Menendez (American Senator) this must be added” added Mr. Fragos.

Finally, the General, referring to the visit of the German chancellor, Mr. Scholtz, stated that the war reparations amount to 250 billion EUROS, while the cost of upgrading the:

-190 LEO1A5
-183 LEO2A4 and
– And the MEKO type Frigates
It is four (4) billion EUROS
So he concluded “we have received but 246 Billion” EUROS

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