GEN chief from Lorient: “Navy proposal FDI – I feel completely justified”

Messages in multiple directions were sent by the Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice-Admiral Stylianos Petrakis PN who attended yesterday’s ceremony where the first Greek frigate was introduced into the so-called dry dock of the Lorient shipyards.

The A/GEN reminded in all directions that the French FDI was the dominant choice of the PN during the evaluation of all the nominations and emphasized that he feels completely justified for this choice.

The Chief of General Staff in his speech noted:

Today is an important milestone on the path towards the new digital era that we have created for PN and we are following with stability and consistency.

I feel, therefore, deep emotion, but mostly pride, as today I witness the embodiment of a vision that for years the Navy, expected with faith and above all, relentless perseverance, for its realization.

The FDI frigate program proposed by the Ministry of Defense is being implemented and developed completely satisfactorily, within the set schedules, which confirms the correctness of the choices and the completeness of the design and implementation of a complex and extremely demanding program.

I cannot therefore, as Head of GEN, not express my satisfaction, for the justification of a choice that, in a very short time, passed from the phase of investigation and suggestion, to that of implementation.

I wish once again to warmly thank the political and military leadership of the Ministry of Defense, but also the Government as a whole, because it immediately and decisively embraced our vision for a stronger navy, the Navy of the future.

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Today is dedicated to the men and women of the Navy, who with their daily struggle guarantee in the present and will continue to guarantee in the future, our naval superiority with these state-of-the-art vessels.

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