GEETHA and Pentagon on open line for F-22s to come to Souda

The personal bet of the Chief of the National Defense General Staff of the coming of the spearhead of the US Air Force, which if successful will be the seal of defense diplomacy in the context of the Greece-US defense cooperation (MDCA).

by Christos Mazanitis

The F-22 Raptor is the “holy grail” of the US Air Force (USAF). These are twin-engine fighters with stealth capabilities, which formed the basis for the construction of the F-35.

They are used for air-to-air and air-to-ground operations, infiltration to bombard strategic targets by neutralizing enemy air defenses.

They are made of advanced alloys and synthetic materials which, combined with their design, absorb radar radio waves, thus showing on the screen a trace no bigger than a ball.

The Americans keep the technology they carry for this a top secret and there is not a single photo of the fighter’s cockpit.

It is easy to see, therefore, that they do not deploy the crown of their fighters in any part of the planet, since their presence constitutes a major message of support for the country that hosts them.

According to confirmed information from, GEETHA, within the framework of its responsibilities and based on the plan it draws up with the Americans, is working to bring F22s to Souda, in the next period of time.

Exactly when is being kept a top secret.

As their arrival in Europe, at RAF Lakenheath, England, to support NATO Air Shielding in the European Theater was kept secret.

The F-22’s integration with NATO Allies and Partners further demonstrates the Alliance’s commitment to deter and defend in an increasingly complex and changing security environment.

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According to information from, the Chief of Defense Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, has set the bar of defense diplomacy very high, proceeding with all the required actions with his Staff so that eventually the F-22s will land in the 115 Battle Wing, in Souda.

Where, just a few weeks earlier, the American F-35s landed for the first time, with which the Greek fighters had the opportunity to carry out joint training as part of the Poseidon’s Rage exercise.

Perhaps, according to one scenario, we will see the F-22s in November, when they will coincide with the receipt of the first 6 “vipers of the Aegean”, i.e. the F-16 Vipers of the Air Force, which together with the Rafale will significantly tip the of Greece the aviation balance of power in the Aegean, before universal supremacy with the arrival of the 5th generation fighters, F-35.

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