GEA: Presentation by Northrop Grumman of the IVEWS computer system for the F-16 being upgraded

The capabilities of the AN/ALQ-257 IVEWS electric warfare system were presented to the PA by Northrop Grumman officials in an online briefing held on September 13.

The subject of the update was its eventual installation on the upgraded F-16V fighters, which, however, carry the ASPIS II system.

The integrated electronic warfare system AN/ALQ-257 IVEWS (Integrated Viper Electronic Warfare Suite), has been developed by Northrop Grumman, specifically for the F-16 Viper aircraft, whether they are modernized or new.


IVEWS consists of ultra-wideband subsystems so that it can instantly provide the instantaneous bandwidth needed to meet today’s threats, while its open architecture ensures it can be seamlessly upgraded to meet future emerging threats.

Interoperability between the IVEWS and the AN/APG-83 radar (also made by Northrop Grumman) mounted on Vipers was demonstrated during the Northern Lightning exercise held in 2021.

As Northrop Grumman announced, the two systems worked together harmoniously in real-world conditions and in an environment of intense electromagnetic interference. During testing the AN/ALQ-257 IVEWS successfully detected and identified a range of advanced threats, which it countered with jamming, while the APG-83 successfully identified air and ground targets.

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