Frigates: Mitsotakis announces corvettes and one more Belharra

Frigates: Mitsotakis announces corvettes and another Belharra at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

Its a fact.
The new Greek corvettes have almost been decided what they will be.

In fact, according to information from, the relevant announcement will be made at the Thessaloniki International Fair by the Greek Prime Minister himself, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Now, until the time of writing these lines, the information tells us that the new corvettes of the Greek Navy will be the Italian Dohas.

The Italians have put into the equation, in addition to a very good ship and the shipyards, so they have taken the head of the evaluation list.

Nevertheless, the French have not yet submitted their final proposal, or at least they have not officially dropped the case.

Until the last moment, a French move can turn things upside down and Gowind will be the new corvettes of the Greek P.N..

At the same time, the prevailing feeling in the prime minister’s office is that the French have already taken Belharra and Rafale, while the prime minister, there is a thought, in Thessaloniki to announce the fourth Belharra, since the initial agreement was for 3+1.

One more Belharra and three Dohas are so far the content of Mitsotakis announcements, unless, as we said, there is a significant move from France, a move that the truth is that is expected from the Greek side.

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