Frigate “Nikephoros Fokas”: Visit to the crown jewel of the Navy

The visual material recorded by the camera during the visit inside the frigate “Nikiphoros Fokas” of the Navy, on October 28, is impressive.

The Athenian News Agency-Macedonian News Agency was, on the day of the national anniversary, on the frigate “Nikiphoros Fokas” of the Navy, in the port of Piraeus.

The frigate is the “tip of the spear” for the Fleet Headquarters, as it can face threats from the air, enemy ships and submarines.

As explained, speaking to APE-MPE, the governor Vassilis Leris, the frigate “Nikeforos Fokas” can, among other things, carry out numerous missions such as the defense of national sovereign rights, participation in the defense of NATO, search and rescue operations but and the surveillance of Greek territorial waters.

Mr. Leris underlined that the personnel of the Navy are “proud” to defend the Greek flag while pointing out that this is something “we feel every time the world welcomes us, especially in the islands of the Eastern Aegean”.

“We train,” said the captain, “under realistic conditions all the time. The crew at all times is ready to meet the requirements.”

Technical characteristics of the frigate “Nikeforos Fokas”

With a length of 130 meters and a maximum beam of 14.5 meters, the frigate joined the force of the Navy on 19 November 2004.

It has a maximum draft of 5.8 meters and a full load displacement of 3,640 tonnes. Its maximum speed reaches 32 knots while its maximum range of energy is 4,700 nautical miles.

It is equipped with torpedoes and has a helipad to which an AB – 212 helicopter approaches. The frigate’s crew consists of 30 officers and more than 150 non-commissioned officers.

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“Nikephoros Fokas”: Where did the frigate get its name from?

The frigate bears the name of the general and emperor of the Byzantine Empire Nikiforos Phokas. Her coat of arms depicts a dromon, flagship ship of the Byzantine Navy.

At the headland of the road, the mechanism that launched the “liquid fire” can be seen. On the right side of the shield, Nikiforos Phokas is shown in armor.

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