Former CIA chief: Possible US intervention in Ukraine

The former head of the CIA commented on the possibility of US intervention in military operations in Ukraine

Former CIA director David Petraeus did not rule out a US-led multinational contingent taking part in the military conflict in Ukraine. He did not specify in what form.

In an interview with Express, he said direct involvement in a NATO war could only take place in the event of an attack on one of the alliance’s member states. But a scenario involving a foreign military led by the United States, but not under the auspices of NATO, is more likely.

“I think the red line for NATO is directly related to the Article 5 obligation of collective self-defense, which is an attack on a NATO member country. That said, I think Russia could take actions in Ukraine that would be so shocking and so terrifying that the United States and other countries could respond in one way or another, but as a multinational force led by the United States, not as a NATO force,” Petraeus said.

Asked if the conflict could escalate into a third world war, Petraeus said:

“No, I don’t think it’s in Vladimir Putin’s interest to extend the war. His forces are already inferior to Ukraine’s and the last thing he needs is a wider conflict.

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