Flight Safety Week – Ground and Road Safety Year 2023

From Monday 13 to Friday 20 October 2023, they took place at the General Aviation Staff (GEA), in the Units of the Tactical Aviation Headquarters, the Air Support Command (AAC) and the Air Training Command (AAC), events for the Flight-Ground Safety (APE) and Road Safety Week.

The purpose of the RES and Road Safety Week is to cultivate an attitude of prevention of all accidents and road safety among the personnel of the Air Force (PA). The aim is to limit and eliminate the risks of causing accidents and to develop RES education and noble competition among PA personnel, in order to promote Flight-Ground Safety and Road Safety as a whole.

The events are organized annually by the GEA Flight and Ground Safety Center.

During this week, meetings, briefings and lectures on RES, accident prevention at workplaces, demonstrations of first aid and use of firefighting equipment, road behavior and avoiding dangerous situations were held at the PA Units.

In addition, a gathering of personnel took place in all the Units with the aim of reading a message from the Chief of General Aviation, the Daily Orders of the Chief of Tactical Aviation and the Commanders of the Air Force and Air Force, as well as the awarding of the best driver awards distinguished for their contribution to prevention and avoiding any kind of traffic accident.

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