Firing of Artillery Units Second Semester 2023

From October 30 to November 01, 2023, the Artillery firings of the 2nd semester of 2023, with the participation of personnel, weapon systems and means of Artillery Units of the 1st Army/EU-OHQ “ACHILLES” took place at the Petrotes Xanthi Shooting Range.

During the firing, all the prescribed procedures for requesting, coordinating and sending fire support were implemented in order to achieve the maximum possible synergy of those involved in the operations, putting into practice the principle “I train as I will fight”.

In particular, shots were fired from M109 self-propelled guns, PzH 2000GR and from RM-70 Multiple Launcher Systems (RM-70 MPL). During the execution of the shots, the high level of operational training of the personnel in the technical and tactical use of the weapon systems was established.

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