Fire : Valuable assistance of the Armed Forces – Personnel and in battle

Once again the Armed Forces offer multi-level assistance to the State.

With every Means and with dozens of people from the staff, the Armed Forces help in the fight against the fire in eastern Attica.

As of Tuesday evening, GEETHA, at the request of the political leadership, immediately ordered the activation of personnel and means to help put out the fire that had already surrounded areas of Penteli.

More specifically, they have been allocated:
3 CL-415
2 CL-215

2 groups of DEFKALIA (2nd MAL, 575 TPZN in total 22 people plus the guides)

2 Wheel loaders with their operators (725 TMX (Chaidari) and 747 TMX (Loutraki) with the operators and auxiliary staff, a total of 8 people).

It is pointed out that neither the teams nor the machines have been used (they have contacted the PS coordinator and are on hold)

Additional teams on standby:
6 groups: (61 people)
575 TPZN: 11 people
PALASKA: 10 people
SALAMINA: 10 people
114PM: 10 people
123 FTE: 10 people

In addition, there are 13 machines in immediate readiness with their support staff at 725 TMX

Available buses:
28 out of 50 places
20 minibuses of 6-14 seats
On 2-hour standby are:
GES: 90 people
GEN: 30 people
GEA: 30 people

7 additional patrols were requested and broadcast in Parnitha (2 by DEP, 2 by GEA) and Ymitto (2 by GES, 1 by GEN).

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