Finland expands Patria CAVS 6×6 armored vehicle market

The Finnish Defense Forces redeems a purchase agreement for a June 2023 contract with Fatherland for 6×6 armored vehicles, adding another 40 units to an initial purchase of 91 vehicles.

Deliveries are ongoing and Finland retains the option to purchase another 30 vehicles in the future under the current terms of the agreement.

The announcement was made on January 4 as the first dozen vehicles were delivered to Finland’s Pori brigade ahead of its first vehicle training operation for new recruits in early 2024. The initial purchase of 91 vehicles was valued at 208 million euros ($224.6 m), but the cost of the expanded deal has not been disclosed.

The Common Armored Vehicle System (CAVS) project is an international initiative led by Finland with partners Latvia, Sweden and Germany. As the prime contractor, Patria is supplying the coalition with a vehicle to succeed the XA 6×6 Parsi series armored personnel carrier introduced in the 1960s. The new vehicle is intended to be used with the Finnish military until the 2060s, some earlier than the expected life of 30 years.

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According to Jussi Järvinen, executive vice president of Patria’s Finland division, the CAVS program progressed quickly with excellent cooperation between the manufacturer and member countries. Järvinen added that during the 2023 deliveries to Finland, Sweden also started receiving and that delivery to Latvia started in 2021.

of the Fatherland customizable, NATO-compatible, 6×6 armored vehicle it has a truck-like frame structure and retains components from its predecessor, the Patria armored articulated vehicle. The primary purpose of the CAVS vehicle purchased by Finland is to transport troops, but it has the ability to be adapted to meet various combat support needs. In terms of troop-carrying capacity, the new vehicle can accommodate a maximum of three crew members and ten combat troops, with the crew occupying the forward part of the hull, while the fully enclosed troop compartment is located at the rear of the vehicle.

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