Finally taking care of Coast Guard air assets-Signing contracts

After coordinated and systematic efforts, which began in April 2020, with the decision of the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Yiannis Plakiotakis, the restoration of the operational readiness of the seven aircraft and the six helicopters of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard is completed.

In this context, during the years 2020-2021 the procurement was carried out and materials, spare parts and consumables were received directly from NSPA with a total value of approximately 500,000 euros.

Also, in order to ensure uninterrupted and integrated technical and logistical support of the Port Authority’s Aircraft Service over a long period of time (3+2 years), NSPA carried out a tender for the nomination of contractors for the provision of aircraft maintenance services.

Mr. Plakiotakis accepted NSPA’s financial offer for the provision of comprehensive technical and logistical support for the six port force helicopters for a period of three (03) years with the right to extend up to two (02) additional years and on August 18 NSPA approved the results of the tender process, while, within the immediately following days, the contract with the contractor is signed.

A similar process is being developed for all seven aircraft with a time horizon of implementation in October 2022.

The Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy Yannis Plakiotakis said in a statement: “The Coast Guard is on the front line every day to deal with illegal migration flows in every corner of the Greek seas. In this fight, the role of the operational means, much more so the aerial ones, which provide a clear advantage in the surveillance of the maritime operational field, is particularly important. From the first moment of taking up my duties, I ordered an end to the image of operational inactivity of almost all of the aerial assets of the port force.

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We have laid a sound foundation to reverse the gloomy picture of years and today I am very pleased to announce that with the signing of the contracts for technical and logistical support of the aircraft and helicopters, very soon, the aerial means will again be ready to operate, contributing in the protection of the maritime borders of our country and in the fight to combat any illegal activity in our seas”.

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