Finabel reveals great European interest in the first Greek drone

Finabel: Greece is developing its first drone in response to Turkey’s Bayraktar, says a publication of the European center that promotes the interoperability of ground forces through the harmonization of military concepts, doctrines and procedures.

“Soon the multi-purpose drone Archytas will dominate the Greek skies,” states the article by Vincent Sapou.

“As geopolitical friction with Turkey has reached a critical juncture in the Aegean, Greek defense and security officials have welcomed the development of the Archytas prototype with great enthusiasm in view of the threat posed by the Bayraktar TB2,” it noted.

“The Archytas UAV has been developed and designed jointly by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HLA) and the major Greek Universities of Aristotle, Democrito and Thessaly. It is believed to carry out a wide range of mission types, ranging from light military operations, including rescue operations, to the provision of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) targets,” emphasizes Vincent Sapou.

“The long distances between sparsely populated islands in the Sporades and Cyclades are no longer considered obstacles given the rapid development of Archytas throughout the Greek territory,” it states.

Finabel: Greece develops its first drone in response to Bayraktar

According to the publication, in addition to the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) function provided by four electric propellers, “its system is enhanced with four struts that allow the drone to cover approximately 300 km at a cruising speed of 120 km/h and a duration four-hour flight and landing almost everywhere.”

“Once all required tests for flight parameters and mission functions are completed by the end of October 2022, the Archytas drone is expected to be manufactured by the end of 2023 and then deployed by the Hellenic Armed Forces as early as March 2024” , is emphasized.

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Meanwhile, Vincent Sapou emphasizes that the unveiling of the new Greek surveillance drone “has caused a wave of interest from international observers and other EU member states.”

“This is due to the fact that Greece has chosen to develop its own drone surveillance program independently of the joint EuroMALE project led by France, Germany, Italy and Spain,” he underlines.

It should be noted that Finabel cooperates with EU and NATO military structures and has the status of an “informal international de facto association”.

Since its establishment, Finabel has already provided its member states with more than 500 studies.

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