Fifteen Turkish soldiers killed by Kurds in three days – With what audacity are the Turks threatening in the Aegean?

Video of Kurdish attack and extermination in a Turkish outpost

Truth and Erdogan’s regime, which so shamelessly threatens Greece, do not go hand in hand, since the Kurds are killing Turkish soldiers at an explosive rate, while videos of past and new attacks by Kurdish forces are multiplying.

Video of a Kurdish attack on August 22, 2022, which resulted in the death of 4 Turkish soldiers was released today, October 29, 2022, by Kurdish media.

Just today, Kurdish rebels announced that two Turkish soldiers were killed in a special operations operation against Turkish forces.

The HPG Press Communication Center announced that two Turkish invaders were killed in two separate operations carried out on October 28 and 29 by Kurdish rebel units in the Zap region.

According to the statement, the Kurds launched a surprise attack on Çemço at 07:40 on October 28 and at 01:00 on October 29.

In Xakurke area, on October 28, at 11:30, Turkish troops were hit with heavy weapons by Kurdish rebel forces in Girê area.

Continuous losses of Turkish forces unknown to Turkish citizens

According to information from the HPG, 13 soldiers of the Turkish forces have been killed in insurgent actions in Northern Iraq within three days, while the Turkish army continues to use chemical weapons.

According to the press center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG), Kurdish rebels continue to resist the Turkish invasion while inflicting continuous casualties on the Turkish army.

The HPG’s statement on the war in Northern Iraq said: “Since the first day of the occupation operation, our forces have turned every point where Turkish invaders have entered into a huge trap.

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Our forces deal heavy blows to the Turkish invaders with tunnel warfare, and the use of mobile units.

The Turkish army is unable to achieve the desired result against the Kurdish insurgency despite the use of all weapon systems and is committing war crimes with internationally banned bombs and chemical weapons.

On October 26, the Turkish occupation forces attacked our areas four times with prohibited bombs and five times with chemical weapons.

According to the HPG, 13 members of the Turkish occupation forces were killed and another five wounded in the latest rebel actions. The insurgents destroyed a post, two surveillance camera systems and an AT-4 weapon.

Hiding the losses in Turkey by the Erdogan regime

There is information and testimonies of Turkish citizens about the increase of cemeteries in the country, which is related to the serious losses of Turkish soldiers, which the Turkish society cannot bear.

Erdogan, seeing the anger growing daily, is threatening our country, in an attempt to divert the attention of his people elsewhere, but he probably won’t be able to, as everything shows, either because of early elections, or because of the war in Ukraine.

The Turks, however, continue to have losses in Northern Iraq, as do the Kurds, of course, except that they are fighting for the newly created Kurdistan, and as everything shows, at some point the state of Kurdistan will be formed, which the Turks have been preventing for so many years the tolerance of the west.

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