FAZ: Why Erdogan “will not come overnight suddenly”

Erdogan will not suddenly come to Greece one night … – “Our economy has been destroyed” says a Turkish journalist
The Turkish journalist Bulent Mumay’s article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) refers to Turkey’s threats that one night it will come to Greece.
He informs us that “Perhaps I Come One Night Suddenly” is a poem written and set to music in the 1960s that became a big hit in Turkey. He also informs us that this song was heard a lot on the radio when the Turks invaded Cyprus in 1974 “as a message to the Greeks”.
And now, “fifty years later the song became popular again, not only in Turkey and Cyprus, but all over Europe.
You have certainly heard Erdogan’s threats against Athens, but you probably don’t know the historical background. But don’t think that now every time the song is heard it heralds war. It is rather unlikely that Erdoğan will come unexpectedly one night or to put it in the first person plural, we will come.
To use an expression familiar to computer operators: Erdogan is pressing all the keys at once to win the elections of June 2023. Our economy is destroyed. Every day we have less in our wallets and the country has less in the state coffers… The economic outlook shows the end of the Erdogan government.”
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