Extreme provocation by the Turks: Apostolos Tzitzikostas “detained” for six hours

After at least six hours of being a “prisoner” in the neighboring country, Mr. Tzitzikostas was forced to make his way back

Turkey’s new challenge to Greece is unprecedented.

According to the information, the Turkish authorities banned the governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, from entering the country, without ever explaining the reason.

The Chronicle of Extreme Provocation

Mr. Tzitzikostas arrived in Izmir at approximately 11.30 this morning in order to preside over the meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean ARNEM committee of the European Committee of the Regions.

Mr. Tzitzikostas is the First Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions and went to Turkey in this capacity, however, according to what has become known, after at least six hours of being a “prisoner” in the neighboring country, the regional governor of Central Macedonia was forced to take the way back.

So far, Mr. Tzitzikostas has not made any statement about the event in question, while it is worth noting that both the European Committee of the Regions (it is the third largest European body after the Commission and the European Parliament) are now involved in the case, as well as the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The European-Mediterranean General Assembly

The regional governor went to Izmir on Saturday morning with the new line that connects Thessaloniki to the Turkish coast, in order to preside over the 13th General Assembly of Europe-Mediterranean.

The European-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) was established to encourage the cooperation of local governments in the northern and southern parts of the Mediterranean.

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It consists of 80 members and 2 observers from 43 EU and Mediterranean countries. Forty members of the Assembly are nominated by the Mediterranean partners and forty by the European Union. ARLEM members are elected officials of regional or local authorities.

SOURCE: in.gr

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