Extreme Challenge: The Turks Sent Boats and Sailboats to Kastellorizo

The barrage of challenges from Turkey continues as it sent at least 10 ships into Greek territorial waters which were violated for some time.

Turkish speedboats and sailing ships with raised Turkish flags entered Kastellorizo ​​Bay in yet another provocative move. The Turkish ships ignored all rules and continued to sail defiantly into the bay of the Greek island.

We remind you that today, October 29, Turkey celebrates “Democracy Day”. Events and fiestas are taking place all over the country and it seems that some have decided to proceed with new challenges at the expense of Greece.

According to what was broadcast in the main news bulletin of the Open, at least 10 speedboats and sailboats with Turkish flags were “threshing” in the area of ​​Megisti and violated the Greek territorial waters.

All this, just 24 hours after Erdogan’s new delusional speech for the presentation of the “Century of Turkey”. The Turkish president spoke for more than two hours at the event of his party, AKP, again emphasizing neo-Ottoman “crowns”.

At the same time, the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, in an interview with the newspaper Real News, stated that it is reasonable to worry about the possibility of a “hot episode” with Turkey. “Under these conditions, it could take on unpredictable dimensions,” he underlined and indicated that Turkey’s extreme rhetoric is not expected to stop.

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