“Euronaval 2022”: The Vice-Chancellor and Chief of General Staff with an eye on the future of the Navy – Scalp Naval drew attention

In the French capital is the Deputy Minister of National Defense (NDD) Nikos Hardalias as well as the Chief of the Naval General Staff (GNS) Vice-Admiral Stylianos Petrakis PN in the context of the exhibition of naval systems “Euronaval 2022”.
The HYFETHA and Chief of the PN visited all the stands with direct Greek interest while they sat for some time at the stand of Naval Group, MBDA, Thales as well as Ficantieri.
The most interesting point was at MBDA with the Chief of General Staff being informed about the operational capabilities of a weapon system with direct Greek interest in the PN. The MdCN (Scalp Naval) as well as the Aster 30 were the subject of much discussion.
A/GEN was and is clear. A primary requirement and emphasis for the PN is area air defense. However, this does not negate the potential examination of strategic strike capabilities by the PN in a second year, and especially from a future program to acquire new submarines with similar strike capabilities.

The Aster 30 missiles that give the PN unprecedented area air defense capabilities was a point that the A/GEN insisted to the HYFETHA informing him of their operational capabilities in the Eastern Mediterranean, the FDI’s main field of action.
In fact, the French A/GEN pointed out to the Chief GEN that you got the best and most powerful configuration of the ship compared to that of the French Navy. The leadership of the PN and both the A/GEN and the Fleet Commander have been supporters of the French frigates recognizing all the operational advantages they give the PN with a dominant feature of area air defense and the leading capabilities of anti-submarine operations, elements essential for operations in the Eastern Mediterranean .
Today, the PN has secured the supply of a state-of-the-art ship with cutting-edge technological capabilities that give it the qualitative edge and confirm the position that the PN is a pioneer in equipment and dares to use new technologies that ensure it a qualitative edge against the threat.
The day after tomorrow, the A/GEN goes to Lorient for the entry ceremony of the first Greek FDI in the dry dock and in fact ahead of schedule.
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