“Euronaval 2022”: Naval Group presented the new Blue Shark ship design

Response from France, Ioannis Nikitas

The French shipyards presented, at the international exhibition “Euronaval 2022”, the new Blue Shark ship design, which incorporates top technology and environmentally friendly features. The Blue Shark is designed to take on missions from frigate-class ships.

The design consists of the main vessel and two structures (Catamaran type) at the stern, so that the water resistance is reduced by half, increasing the ship’s stability and reducing its acoustic footprint. The length of the ship is 160 meters, its width 37 meters, while its displacement is about 5,500 tons.

For its construction, synthetic materials have been adopted, which reduce the ship’s footprint. Special emphasis has been placed on the internal and external ergonomics of the ship, while its modular design allows the integration of sensors and weapon systems, according to the customer’s requirements.

In addition, the ship can accommodate unmanned air, sea and underwater systems, while, according to the Naval Group, it emits carbon dioxide twice as much as conventional frigates.

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