Erdogan increases provocation – This is what he plans to do!

Turkey and Erdogan are preparing to target Greece again, always with the elections in the background

Experts see an escalation in Greek-Turkish relations in the coming period, with Turkey ready to increase provocation at the expense of Greece.

The elections in the neighboring country are approaching and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is preparing to give a recital in order to save what is saved and to raise his extremely low ratings inside the country.

The results of the polls, which speak of a crushing defeat by all his opponents, seem to have upset the Turkish president, who is ready to put the issue of the islands back on his agenda.

Despite what was said and the recommendations made to him at the NATO Summit in Madrid, Erdogan does not seek de-escalation in the Aegean and is expected to prove it again.

According to what he stated on the Open channel, the lieutenant general e.a. Bright Tzoumis, it is easy to have an accident with Turkey as the Turkish elections are approaching, Erdogan will become more provocative.

The goal is to present Greece as the one that will lead the situation to a possible conflict and consequently to a heated episode with the ultimate goal of Erdoğan experiencing a communication victory that will elevate him in the eyes of his people.

As Mr. Tzoumis mentioned, this can be done either with a violation of national sovereign rights to force our country to react.

Of course, as Turkey’s government officials have already announced, in the second week of August, the neighboring country is preparing to take out the drilling rig, Abdul Hamid, for research.

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If the Turks decide to follow the example of Oruc Reis, then the provocation towards our country will have hit red once again, with unknown consequences.

Erdogan seems to be planning to make a provocative move that will bring Greece to its limits, trying tooth and nail to create a heated episode.

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