Erdogan in “vertigo”: the Air Force is his “nightmare” – The funny but dangerous propaganda

No one “stings” at the Turkish propaganda – With calmness and determination, the responses of Athens, at the diplomatic and military level.

When you have no arguments in diplomacy, when the defeats on the field in the last two years are consecutive, when the readiness and determination of the opposite side leaves you no room for provocations, when the great powers have realized the role you have been playing for decades and they don’t even sell you a screw anymore, then the only way you have is lies, slander and propaganda.

This is the reality for the Turkish regime of Tayyip Erdogan, which is now faced with the impasses and consequences of its own policy. After seeing that the taunts against Greece do not pass and the attempt to create a “hot” episode, which would lead us to the negotiating table, fell on deaf ears, he decided to once again mobilize the extreme and vulgar propaganda against the country us.

With the majority of Western countries turning their backs on him and the US kicking him out of the F-35 program and not even selling him spare parts for the ailing Turkish fighters, the Turkish president had to find someone in charge so that to argue to his already exasperated people that others are to blame for Turkey’s isolation.

Who would he be? But of course Hellenism, Greece and Cyprus, whom the Turks obsessively consider their great enemies. With the elections approaching, for Tayyip Erdogan, the propaganda against our country and the slanders that fanaticize the Turkish people and keep them asleep are “butter on his bread”.

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After seeing that in the air the Turkish air force has no luck against the “hawks” of the HAF, who not only humiliate the Turks every day in every violation, but also put new powerful weapons in their quiver, such as the top fighters of the West, Rafale , F-35 and F-16 Viper, proceeds with unethical lies about alleged “hitting” of Turkish fighters by Greek S-300 missiles. As we have reported, their goal is to convince the US that it is not possible for Greece to possess Russian missiles against “allied” fighters and for Turkey to break with Washington because it took the S-400s. Of course, he does not say that Turkish fighters commit daily violations of the Athens FIR, nor the reasons and how Greece acquired the S-300s in the 90s.

So the truth is one. Erdogan’s problem is not the S-300, but the strengthening of our Air Force, its transition to the new era with the best NATO pilots in the cockpit. Seeing at the same time that our Navy acquires the best frigates in the world, the powerful Belh@rra, the best Romeo anti-submarine helicopters, but also corvettes, then its concern intensifies and it becomes even more provocative, aggressive and dangerous, at the time of course that the Land Army keeps the Evros “sealed” and has turned the islands into fortresses.

And so we reasonably ask… Even if Greece decommissions the S-300s, will anything change above the Archipelago? Again the Greek fighters will dominate the Aegean, again the Rafales will cause terror in Ankara, again the F-35s will create nightmares, again the Greek pilots and our Air Force will be the greatest fear of the Turks.

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