Erdogan found it “dark” – New resounding “cuff” from the USA

Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey found it “dark” with the State Department.

“Cold sweat” has bathed Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the last period of time as he receives one after the other the “cuffs” from the USA, something that clearly affects the Greek-Turkish issues as well.

As if the “sleight of hand” with the F-16 fighter jets was not enough, the State Department reacts and puts obstacles for the Turkey-Libya pact as well.

According to what they report from the US and which was reported by Mega, the representative of the US Department of State said that the interim government of Libya, based on the agreements, is not entitled to sign the one that is being prepared with Turkey.

In fact, he emphasized that this will be a commitment for many years for Libya, which essentially “empties” the deal for the cooperation memoranda for hydrocarbons.

Greek-Turkish: The Turks continue their provocations

The Turkish side continues to maintain its same defiant stance on issues concerning its relations with Greece, with what was said in Prague raising new questions.

However, this is not expected to change in the near future, as Erdogan is trying in every way to raise his percentages in view of the crucial elections in the neighboring country in the coming months.

In this context, Turkey issued a new illegal NAVTEX in the Aegean and more specifically, in the triangle of Ai Strati, Lesvos and Psara for the 14th of the month, which the Turks consider as a response to a Greek NAVTEX which binds the same area for the 11 and 12 of the month.

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But this is not the only move on their part, as until October 21 the neighbors will carry out parachute drop exercises on rocky islands in the bay of Smyrna.

In this way, they want to make their readiness clear and send a new threatening message to our country, which, however, is ready to respond at every level.

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