End of International Aviation Semester 2023

On Thursday, December 21, 2023, the Commander of the Ikaron School, Lieutenant General (I) Konstantinos Karamesinis, declared the end of the joint International Aviation Semester in SI and awarded relevant Diplomas to the participants.

The International Aviation Semester refers to the winter academic semester of Icars 2nd Class, Air Defense Airmen and Controllers and was attended by all said Icars. In the context of the semester, and throughout its duration, students of the 2nd Class (Flyers – Air Defense Controllers) of the Ikaron School studied at the Aviation Academies of Poland, Portugal and Romania. Accordingly, a number of foreign students were accommodated at the Icaron School and, in addition, students from the Military Academy of Belgium. Students participating in the International Aviation Semester, in addition to the prescribed academic schedule, followed the daily/weekly schedule of the Academy that hosted them.

The International Aviation Semester consists of ten (10) common courses, with common content, taught simultaneously at all participating Academies in the English language. These are:

  • Common Security and Defense Policy
  • Space Application for Security and Defense
  • Cyber ​​Warfare
  • Military Ethics
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Flight and Ground Safety
  • Meteorology
  • Aviation English
  • Avionics Systems
  • Aerial Navigation

It should be noted that two of them (“Common Security and Defense Policy” and “Space Application for Security and Defense») were taught in the form of a weekly Educational Seminar (Common Module), with the participation of additional students from Greek and European HEIs and Educational Institutions, as well as speakers from Greek and European Educational Institutions and Organizations.

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Through the joint International Aviation Semester, the military institutions of the European Union are given the opportunity to exchange students even for an entire academic semester, using funds from the Erasmus+ program.

Finally, it is noted that the International Aviation Semester is the result of a Strategic Partnership and a 2-year project, which was fully funded by the European Union and more specifically from the Erasmus+ program.

The Icaron School (as administrator), the Portuguese Aviation Academy, the Romanian Aviation Academy and the European Security and Defense College – ESDC collaborated to implement the project. The Semester is implemented within the framework of Military Erasmus.

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