Encirclement plan! Ankara dreams of Turkish bases in Albania-Skopje to cancel the equipment of the Greek islands

“Powder storehouse” of Turkey Albania and Skopje with the aim of canceling in practice the equipment of its Greek islands by threatening from the North-“The USA stands in Greece against Turkey, and will provide other weapons in a possible conflict with Turkey”, emphasizes Turkos specific

The term “Turkish arc in the Balkans” is neither new nor unknown and it shows Turkey’s attempt to encircle Greece strategically.

The issue from a military and strategic point of view is extremely important for Greece, which should not under any circumstances, if it conducts military operations in the Aegean, have to face threats in the Ionian Sea as well as in the North.

Turkish urges to open military bases in Skopje and Albania with the aim of canceling the Greek military presence on the islands

The Editor-in-Chief of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit, İbrahim Karataş, wrote an article entitled “Opening bases in Albania and Skopje against the Greek islands”, calling for the establishment of Turkish bases in these countries.

Karataş began his article by drawing attention to the support Greece received from Europe:

“Actually, if Turkey and Greece were left alone, the problems in the Aegean and Cyprus would be solved somewhat, but external interventions in Greece do not allow any solution,” he said, presenting Erdogan’s view on Greek-Turkish relations.

“The Europeans regretted making Greece a member of their union because they themselves initially said that the Greeks do not work much and are lazy, but in the end they accepted them.

Later, they included the Greek part of Cyprus and added a second Greek state to the union,” he continued.

Analyzing the plans of the US against Turkey through Greece, Karataş stated: “If it were not for the support of the US, the Greek islands that should have been unarmed would not have been armed.

The deployment of American weapons on the islands is yet another plan against Turkey. The claim that the United States would invade Turkey with these weapons does not sound realistic, but the American presence on the islands certainly poses a threat to Turkey, no matter what.

The truth is that the US is arming the islands to prevent a possible invasion (Turkey).

The US states that it stands by Greece against Turkey, and will probably give more weapons to the Greeks in a possible conflict with Turkey.

Giving away free weapons is something America has done many times.

We have all witnessed the weaponry that the US has given to the YPG Kurds in Syria.

In addition, if the Americans grant electronic systems to Greece, the Greek army will be able to observe and record every activity on the Turkish side.

In summary, although an American invasion of Turkey seems extremely unlikely, it is clear that the US is on Greece’s side to deter Ankara and provide weapons to the Greeks in a possible war,” writes the Turkish editor-in-chief.

The Turkish plan in Skopje and Albania with bases

“Turkey has friends in the Balkans like Albania and Skopje,” states İbrahim Karataş, stating that Turkey has developed enough to play geopolitical games in the Balkans.

“Turkey is now at a level where it can create geopolitical conditions and has the means to set up a game very well for this purpose.

For example, Turkey has friends in the Balkans such as Albania and Skopje.

Our army has military cooperation agreements with the armies of both countries, while I point out that both countries suffered a lot from Greece.

The Greeks have put great obstacles in these countries, both in the EU and NATO accession processes.

The Greek side even changed the name of Skopje.

If these countries agree, Turkish military bases can be established.

If this is done, Turkey will have surrounded Greece from its Northern border, thus nullifying any Greek plans to equip the islands.

If Greece intends to achieve its goals through the use of force, it will face a strong Turkey.

If the Greeks want to put America as a guarantor for their country, they must see that this has a cost.

Also, in this way, the Greeks will understand that no solution will be enough.

If they do not solve their problems with Turkey through diplomatic means, it will be more difficult for them to face a stronger Turkey in the future,” he concluded.

Ankara and the entire propaganda apparatus in the Turkish press are seriously disturbed by our country’s defense conditions with France and the USA.

The Turks, in their own paternalistic sense, want all the countries of the Mediterranean to consult them, satisfy their demands, and generally do whatever they like, just like in the time of the Sultans.

This is a very dangerous reasoning that shows that Turkey is relatively little distant from the historical Ottoman Empire, which only produced as a civilization, genocides against its other ethnic groups, along with wars.

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