Drone Dome: This is why Turkey went crazy – The hidden secret

Drone Dome: That’s why Turkey went crazy with the installation of an anti-UAV system on the Greek islands of the Aegean and beyond.

The Israeli system which, according to the data so far, is said to be in place, will provide protection to Greece from drones and UAVs (except for the Akinci which may have a satellite communication system).

Because a lot has started to be reported regarding the capabilities of the Drone Dome, with which the Greek anti UAV system will be simulated, this system will be able to detect from mini drones to larger drones and interfere with their communication system with their base .

We are not talking about an air defense system, but a system that interferes with the frequencies of UAVs and drones, and the frequencies have no… size.

But the ultimate thing that this system offers to Greece is that it will also concern the communications of ULAQ-Sida, which are maritime drones in which Turkey has started testing.

SİDA, which has 400 km sailing range, 65 km per hour speed, day / night visibility capability, national encrypted communication infrastructure, is produced from advanced composite material.

The ULAQ can be equipped with different types of payloads and conduct electronic warfare and jamming while having missile systems to meet different operational needs (L-UMTAS missile system).

According to one of the initiators of the “Blue Homeland”, Turkish admiral h.a. Cem Gürdeniz, ULAQ will offer protection to Turkish research companies during their “critical” seismic surveys in “critical geopolitical areas”.

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