Do the French make a better offer or lose the corvettes – The Italians are ahead

Do the French make a better offer or lose the corvettes since for the time being it seems that the Italians are ahead of the hierarchy of the Greek admirals.

Gowind and Doha are the two ships that have stood out so far, in the proposals for the new corvettes – light frigates of the Greek Navy.

For the time being, it seems that the best proposal is that of the Italians with Doha, since they cover the needs of the admirals to a large extent, they come quickly, they will be built in Greek shipyards, while according to the Italians are also putting in play financing from Italian banks.

While the feeling is that Gowind’s Doha comes first, in the Greek Pentagon they do not overlook the possible stumbling blocks that the Turks are trying to put in Athens’ negotiations with Paris and Rome (including Turkey’s interest in French fighters, etc. .).

There are many pros for both ships as you have read in the past.

In this context, the “love” of the Turks with the French and Italians is not considered… random.

Everything the Turks can do to mess up the Greece-France-Italy negotiations they will do. That’s for sure.

It is certain that Ankara does not look favorably on the purchase of either Doha or Gowind from Greece.

Our feeling from the report is that if the French do not make a better offer then they will probably lose the job for the new Greek corvettes to the Italians.

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It should be noted that the Dutch have also proposed ships to Greece for the new Greek corvettes.

The Dutch are offering Sigma, but the French and Italians believe that the Dutch proposal “burns” due to the inability of the Netherlands to support Greece geopolitically.

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