Disruption of a gang that committed burglaries in towns in the province – 2 arrests – 15 leads

Greek police headquarters

Athens, 03 November 2023


Disruption of a gang that committed burglaries in towns in the province – 2 arrests – 15 leads

The illegal financial benefit of the criminal group exceeds 50,000 euros

From the Crimes Against Life and Property Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate, a criminal group was dismantled that was committing thefts from houses in various areas of the province, mainly in Larissa, Agrinio, Trikala and Arta.

For the case, in the evening hours of November 1, 2023, an organized operation was carried out by police officers of the Property Crimes Department in Athens and Western Attica, where -2- members of the gang were arrested, accused of -as the case may be- setting up a gang that commits distinguished thefts in succession and for violating the laws on weapons, drugs and foreigners, while the relevant case file still includes -1- person.

As emerged from the methodical investigation in collaboration with the Trikala, Larissa, Agrini Security Sub-Directorate and the Arta Security Department, the members of the gang had formed a criminal group, having distinct roles, with the aim of committing thefts in houses in areas of the province, acting with a specific methodology and thereby obtaining an illegal financial benefit.

Regarding the mode of action (modus operandi), the members of the gang used a specific methodology, namely:

with “business” vehicles, which were rented, they observed their prospective targets, while at the same time devising the best possible plan to achieve their goal,
moved mainly in the provincial towns of Larissa, Agrinio, Trikala and Arta,
they confirmed the absence of the tenants and with special tools they usually breached the central doors and
after carrying out their deeds, they returned to Athens, where they channeled their loot to pawnshops.

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Characteristic of the gang’s modus operandi is the level of organization and the high level of know-how of its members, who possessed various keys and special tools, with which they not only broke in doors but also built new mechanisms, thus targeting even modern technology locks.

In total, from the searches carried out – among others – the following were found and seized:

lots of gold and jewelry,
a number of improvised and non-destructive tools (power and hand),
various electronic and electrical devices,
multitude of house lock mechanisms,
sunglasses of various companies,
portable wireless,
katana type sword and 3 folding knives,
2 vehicles,
mobile phones and sim cards,
precision scale and quantity of drugs,
clothes which were used by the accused during the commission of the thefts.

From the investigations so far, a total of -15- cases of thefts in houses in Larissa, Agrinio Trikala and Arta have been discovered, while the total illegal economic benefit of the gang exceeds the amount of -53,000- euros.

The arrested persons, who in the past have concerned the authorities for similar crimes, with one of them being involved in criminal activity in at least two other European countries, were taken to the competent Prosecutor.

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