Disorientation efforts! The aim is to focus our attention on Evros while they are preparing their movements in the Aegean-SE Mediterranean-Cyprus

Commenting on the publication of Avia.pro, which said that the Greek Armed Forces deployed more than 80 tanks and armored personnel carriers on the Turkish border, citing Turkish sources, we wondered if this method of alleged threat could act as a pretext for ” preemptive strike” by the Turks with …Putin’s recipe?

Indeed, what is reported about an alleged threat to the Evros from the Greek side due to an alleged concentration of 80 tanks-Tombs and cannons is at least funny, not to say ridiculous….

Even if the information were correct, 80 tanks and ATGMs is the strength of a Tank Army (TA) and a Motorized Battalion (MAB), and guns correspond to a Squadron at most

For those in the know and not for the uninitiated, these forces do not even represent 50% of the Units of a Mechanized (M/KTAX) or Armored Brigade (TTT)

That is, with not even half a Mechanized or Armored Brigade…. Greece, according to foreign publications, intends to attack the 1st Turkish Army in Eastern Thrace which has 7 M/KTAX, 3TTHT and 3TAXKD (Combat Brigades)

From the above numbers alone, we understand that those about the alleged Greek threat against Turkey in the Evros belong to the realm of science fiction


From the above, we conclude that the whole matter and the publications with hypothetical science fiction scenarios about a Greek attack on the Evros, aim at the following:

1. The method of the alleged threat from Greece to act as a pretext for a “preemptive strike” by the Turks with … Putin’s recipe, as we have already pointed out

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However this stumbles on the fact that Turkey on the Evros at the present time for a number of very serious reasons will not venture any aggressive action, with the possible exception of the islets in the river in an attempt to distract

The reasons that lead us to the above estimate are:

– Evros and the Aegean constitute part of the critical axis for the interests of NATO-USA-EU, both regarding the transfer of troops-weapon systems and ammunition to Eastern European countries and Ukraine, as well as natural gas from North African countries – M. Anatolis to Alexandroupolis and from there to the European countries.

-Alexandroupoli is a very important US base for serving its interests in Eastern Europe and the Balkans

– USA – France – Israel support Greece which they consider a strategic ally, a pillar of stability and peace in the region.

-The Greek-French agreement provides for a clause of mutual military assistance in the event of an attack on one of the two countries by a third country.

-France-Germany with statements of their leaders announced that they consider it unacceptable and unacceptable to threaten the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of any member of the EU.

– We recently had a reaffirmation by the European Council of paragraph 7 of Article 42 of the EU Treaty, commonly known as the EU mutual assistance clause.

2. The Turkish information cited by the Russian media aims to disorient the Greek interest that the Turks are preparing something in the Evros.

The opposite is true, since we expect a manifestation of Turkish aggression in the Aegean and SE Mediterranean-Cyprus.

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After all, tomorrow is July 20, when in 1974 the Turks invaded our Cyprus with ATTILA, a symbolic date for Erdogan, who has a tendency to carry out new aggressive actions against Hellenism, in time and place… .

We must not forget that the Turks always try to mislead us about their real objectives on the battlefield, as they did in Cyprus in 1974 with the invasion of ATTILA, where they sent a virtual convoy in the direction of Famagusta, while the real one followed in the direction the Five Mile coast where the disembarkation of the Turks took place.

They did something similar in Imia in 1996, when they took off a helicopter that was flying over the two rock islands in order for the men of the MYK who were on one of them to turn their attention to it, when at the same time they were throwing inflatables from the frigate into the sea YABOUZ with a suitable maneuver, so that they reach the unguarded rock island undetected.

Finally, we should know that Russian media have every interest in inciting tensions between two NATO member states, such as Greece and Turkey, for the benefit of their country.

Therefore, let’s keep a small basket in such news…

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