Discounts on ferry and plane tickets for the transfer of substitute teachers to their deployment area

It is recalled that on a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports and the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, reductions in ferry tickets have been announced for substitute teachers hired during both the A and B phases. In the coming days, other companies may be added to the above table, in which case a newer update will be issued.

The discount will cover the movement of teachers from their permanent places of residence to the final island, where they took up service. Necessary supporting documents for the provision of the discount will be the relevant decision of the Ministry of Education, Religions and Sports, which mentions their recruitment, as well as their Police ID.

Airline tickets from the Sky Express company:

The SkyExpress company, in response to the request of the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports, provides a discount of 30% for the issuance of ten (10) air tickets per interested party, for the movement of substitute teachers of Primary and Secondary Education to the place of service.

The procedure for receiving this discount is as follows:

Beneficiaries will receive an SMS with a unique code

The SMS will also contain a link to the SkyExpress page regarding the offer/discount

On the page after filling in the necessary information (name, surname, e-mail, telephone and the code they received), they will receive the relevant discount code in their e-mail, so that they can enter it during the ticket reservation/purchase process .

The Minister of Education, Religion and Sports Kyriakos Pierrakakis warmly thanks the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Christos Stylianidis as well as the ferry companies and the airline Sky Express for their immediate response to the request of the Ministry of Finance for the provision of the above facilities.

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The initiative is part of the ongoing care but also of the essential recognition of the work of our teachers who offer their best in the educational process.

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