Demir Kubbe or Iron Dome in Cyprus first news in Turkey – Danger for Bayraktar

The Demir Kubbe or Iron Dome that Cyprus will buy is the first news in Turkey while they say that it will turn against Turkish drones and UAVs.

The news of the agreement between Israel and Turkey, for the purchase from Nicosia of the Israeli Iron Dome, has reached a special extent in Turkey.

Demir Kubbe, as the Iron Dome is called in Turkish, is of particular concern to the Turks since, as noted, after Cyprus, Greece has been discussing its purchase for a year.

The Turks pay particular attention to the fact that Iron Dome has been in use by Israel for 10 years and “so far has a 90 percent success rate against multiple missile attacks.”

“The Greek media also wrote that the system was tested against SİHA,” writes the Turkish Milliyet.

“Iron Dome, which can launch 20 missiles in a row, has a range of 150 square kilometers. The US is also among the countries that want the air defense system that Singapore already uses,” it is noted.

Milliyet also makes special reference to the Spike NLOS that Athens will procure, which, as it is emphasized, will have a range of 32 kilometers and “the ability to fire without visual contact with the target”.

Finally, the Turks are also standing in the “Israeli umbrella” that is developing in the Aegean. Milliyet cites Greek reports stating that with Greek electronic warfare, “the famous Bayraktar TB2 or the more advanced ANKA-S drone, will lose its orientation in the sky.”

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