DEFCON 2 readiness in Europe from USA! After the “failure” in Starlink of El. Musk threatens to black out western satellites

Russian Media: Elon Musk’s Satellites Hit by Russian Weapons – CSTO Coalition Conducts Major Exercise Preparing Rapid Intervention Force
Russian journalistic sources with clear knowledge of the situation speak of a critical situation between NATO and Russia, while stating that there is a serious possibility that we will see a Russian attack in space, resulting in the destruction of satellites of key importance to the west, in any threatening scenario from American side.
The same sources said “that at the same time, in the last month, increased activity of American satellites over Russia was recorded.
US satellites have targeted military and strategic installations, while satellite surveillance by the Pentagon has tripled.
At the same time, a large number of air defense installations and strategic missile forces in the depths of Russian territory are the focus of American intelligence services.
NATO warships are also moving into the Baltic, Barents Sea and Black Sea near Russian territorial waters.
Everything started according to the Russians, after the level of readiness of US forces in Europe was upgraded to DEFCON 2.
It was reported that we have the arrival of additional NATO air forces from the United States at Rhine and Ramstein air bases in Germany.
The conflict in Ukraine has reached the stage where little is starting to depend on the Ukrainians, while Europe and NATO are standing by, along with of course the United States.
On October 10, 2022, the new US National Security Strategy was released, in which modifications were made in relation to the latest events taking place in the world.
In it, China is called “the main strategic rival”, while Russia is seen by Washington as the “aggressor”.
Russian expert predicts space “Armageddon”
According to a Russian expert: “As far as Moscow is concerned, it is clearly understood that no one will hold a dialogue with it, and support for Russia’s enemies (Ukraine, Europe, etc.) is a one-way street.
Thus, Moscow, in fact, has no choice but a military response.
If we think in this direction, it becomes obvious that the first thing Moscow must do, having decided to really fight the west, will be to destroy the western satellite system.
And for this, Russia has a whole series of systems.
If Moscow wants to, it will do it in such a way as to cause a huge “damage” in space, while we may see “unidentified objects” hitting Western satellites.
We remind you that Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites began to fail en masse due to mechanical failures caused by collisions with unknown objects.
And that’s how it happened.
But the fastest and most effective way to solve such a problem is to detonate, for example, a tactical nuclear weapon or several such weapons in orbit from satellites.
By definition, such a step would pose no risk to the planet’s population.
On the other hand, the highly sensitive electronic equipment of Western satellites may be damaged to such an extent that it will never be allowed to be used again.
Can the West understand that Russia still tolerates the existence of Western satellites, not because it is afraid to destroy them, but because it is just waiting for the right moment?”, says a Russian expert.
Propaganda or reality, that if a possible and inevitable world war starts it will be first of all in space?
We think this is the harsh reality.
The CSTO coalition of countries is implementing a major exercise preparing the rapid intervention force
In Tajikistan, the active phase of joint training by the Rapid Development Collective Forces of the Central Asian Region under the name “Rubezh-2022” began.
The main scenario of the exercises is: “preparation and conduct of combat operations by the CAR CFDF force to destroy illegal armed groups that have invaded the territory of a CSTO member state”.
The First Deputy Minister of Defense of Tajikistan, speaking to the training participants, noted the important role of joint training in increasing the professionalism of the military personnel of the member states.
The Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the forces of the CSTO coalition countries noted that under these conditions, the main tasks of the armed forces remain the readiness to repel external military attack and counter terrorist challenges, as well as the timely response to threats to the national and regional security.
The total number of participants in the training is about 1,000 men and more than 300 weapons systems and special equipment, including aircraft, helicopters and drones.
The Russians along with the Chinese are reportedly preparing intensively for something much bigger than the war in Ukraine, while the world in the EU is expecting the worst winter in many years.
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