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Military grade Kevlar braided lanyardMilitary grade Kevlar braided lanyard

In high risk settings, dropping your tool or weapon is never an option.

The consequences can be serious, affecting your work as well as the safety of others nearby. When you’re in a scenario where split-second decisions are critical, you can’t afford to be distracted by how well your equipment is secured. You’ve tried using ordinary straps and cords, but they don’t hold up to the rigors of the job. A staple for over 30 years in security, law enforcement and the military, Kevlar cable keeps your tools safe and close at all times. Koiled’s Military-Grade Braided Kevlar Lanyard is your reliable tactical sidekick.

Military grade Kevlar braided lanyardMilitary grade Kevlar braided lanyard

Accuracy & Safety

Put all your focus on important matters by securing your gear on this braided Kevlar lanyard. Our military-grade wraparound lanyard features a heavy-duty belt loop and screw-on carabiner clip that keeps your gear securely attached to your body. Whether you’re running, hiking, climbing or patrolling, enjoy complete peace of mind that your gear won’t accidentally fall from your belt.

Military grade Kevlar braided lanyardMilitary grade Kevlar braided lanyard

Durable & Unyielding

Our coiled Kevlar cable is built to excel in critical scenarios. The cable is only 3.2mm thick, but don’t underestimate its slim profile. Our professional lashing strap has a breaking strength of 265 lbs or 120 kg, so it’s more than ready to hold heavy power tools, law enforcement equipment or rifles. The Kevlar braided cord is also cut resistant so you can count on it to hold strong against thieves or wear and tear.

Military grade Kevlar braided lanyardMilitary grade Kevlar braided lanyard

Keeps its Shape

Conventional coil cords are notorious for gradually loosening over time. But this is not the case with Kevlar braided lashing strap. When unstretched, the wrapped cord is 6″ long. When fully extended, the cable can reach up to 43″ in length. Since it is made of premium memory coil, the strap quickly returns to its original form even when stretched or exposed to high or low temperatures.

More reasons to love Kevlar braided coil:

Military grade Kevlar braided lanyardMilitary grade Kevlar braided lanyard

A multipurpose accessory

With its tough construction and reliable design, this coiled strap performs a variety of functions for civilians and members of law enforcement. If you love rugged hiking trails and the great outdoors, use this Kevlar cable to secure your water bottles, flashlights, satellite phones, or survival gear. This braided lanyard also works great for securing hand tools, particularly when it comes to linemen and technicians working at height.

Always ready for action

Rain or shine, our wraparound tether strap is a reliable piece of equipment. This braided cord features waterproof molded seals, so it will never corrode or fade under prolonged exposure to moisture or water. The wrapped cord is also applied with a UV stable coating to help protect against intense sunlight. Go ahead and use this Kevlar cable while performing your duties under the harshest weather conditions.

Battle-tested for decades

This coiled Kevlar lanyard has its origins in the Attach and Secure Lanyard, developed in Northern Ireland for police use in the 1980s. Today, this braided lanyard is widely used by the police, paramilitary, armed forces, prison services and elite units around the world. In fact, the Kevlar lanyard has seen active service in the Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Baltic areas.

Holds its shape – Coiled, the cord is 6″ long and can be stretched to a length of 43″. The memory coil returns to its original shape, even after exposure to hot or cold conditions.
All-Weather Reliability – This tactical lanyard can survive any climate, from the rugged terrain of the Falklands to the deserts of Iraq. The lanyard features waterproof and sealed loop ends, as well as a UV stable coating.
Built Tough – Our gear tether keeps up with your action-packed lifestyle. This coiled strap has a break strength of 265 lbs/120 kg, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping under the weight of your gear.
Used by Professionals – For more than three decades, our NATO-coded lanyard has been used in the military and by law enforcement, police, prison services and special forces around the world.

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