[DEAL!] – AQ zxdc Full Face Tactical Riot Helmet Set, with Steel Mesh Mask,

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Product Name: Police Riot Tactical Helmet
Helmet material: nylon + carbon fiber
Helmet thickness: 5.5mm
Lining material: polypropylene plastic foam
Upholstery material: thermoplastic polyurethane and foam cotton
Weight: about 1225 grams (the weight of the whole set)

Built-in glasses:
Material: 953a high viscosity UV resistant polycarbonate
Thickness: 1.95mm
Protected area: 16280 mm²
Weight: 43g
Light transmittance: 88%
Features: Visible light transmittance ≥ 88%. Excellent functions. anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-vibration, anti-vibration, gradient gray. (Fade and transparency 35-88%).
Internal anti-glare: duration > 30 seconds.
External scratch resistance: How much surface can be hardened to prevent falling ≤5.

Facial Visor:
Thickness: 3.2mm
Weight: 275g
Protected area: 37341 mm²
Light transmittance: 88%
Characteristics: visible light transmission ≥ 100%. with excellent
Characteristics: visible light transmission ≥ 100%. Excellent features. anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-vibration, anti-vibration carbine
Internal anti-glare: duration > 30 seconds.
External scratch resistance: how much surface can be hardened to prevent falling ≤ 5.0
Shock resistance: withstands a kinetic energy impact of 4.9 J
Bulletproof: withstand the impact of a 1G lead bullet at a speed of 190 m/s

Products include:
Helmet Body*1, Steel Mesh Mask*1, Built-in Black Lens*1, Built-in Clear Lens*1, Face Mask*1, Ear Protection*1, Neck Protection*1
● Integrated Glasses: Bi-Tone Lens (Black & Clear). In case of UV light, the lens will turn gray. The stronger the UV light, the darker the gray will be, so as to protect the eyes from UV damage, thus preventing the glare of strong light (visible light). When you return to the room, the lenses will change back to the primary color.
● Mask: Alloy+Metal steel mesh material. Which is stable, durable, impact resistant, breathable, comfortable and does not affect breathing.
● Full Face Visor: Riot mask, full face protection. It can withstand 4.9J kinetic energy impact and can withstand 1g lead bullet impact at 190m/s (shotgun).
● Ear/neck protection: Wraps the entire area from ear to neck. Prevent foreign object impact. Perfect protection!

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