Davos: AI Governance Alliance calls for stronger global collaboration

As world leaders and industry powerhouses gather in Davos to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Artificial Intelligence Governance Alliance (AIGA) has called for stronger collaboration to create a framework advanced ALL INCLUDED.

In a series of three new exhibitions, AIGA has focused on unlocking value and creating a framework for the use of genetic artificial intelligence (GenAI). AIGA said a global effort is needed to create fair access to artificial intelligence.

According to Cathy Li, head of AI, data and metaverse at WEF: “The AI ​​Governance Alliance is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in promoting greater access to AI-related resources, thereby contributing to a more just and responsible AI ecosystem worldwide.”

“We need to work together between governments, the private sector and local communities to ensure that the future of artificial intelligence benefits everyone,” he added.

AIGA asked experts in various fields to address key areas such as improving data quality across states, enhancing computational resources, and adapting foundation models to meet local challenges.

There was also a strong emphasis on training to effectively navigate local AI ecosystems.

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AIGA also investigated the potential risks advanced artificial intelligence has in creating stronger digital divides in its new exhibitions.

The series of briefing papers, released today (January 18), was produced in collaboration with IBM Consulting and Accenture.

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