Dangerous turn of the rapid increase in the capabilities of Turkish UAVs for Greece

It is preferable for Greece to have 8 fewer F-16 fighter jets, which according to recent purchase prices from Bulgaria cost, together with their weapon systems, $1.67 billion, and with the same money to have 1670 drones, since according to current prices .x a Turkish Bayraktar costs about 1,000,000 dollars.

Turkey will be the world leader: We are heading for a very different point in SİHA”, is the title of a Turkish media article, the highlights of which are as follows:

“Roketsan General Manager Murat Ikki made important statements about SİHA systems and other products of his company, answering questions on CNN TÜRK, saying:

“Roketsan is a company established in 1988, mainly to strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces. It has continued to grow since its establishment. It contributes significantly to our country’s exports. It is one of the 3 largest R&D institutions in Turkey. This year it represents the our country in the 86th position among the world’s 100 largest defense companies.Our goal is a turnover of more than 1 billion dollars by 2025.

In fact, as someone who has spent his entire life in the defense industry, when I look at its development, especially in the last 10 years, with the support of our President, I say that it has gained very serious momentum. One of the biggest advantages of Roketsan is that we invest not only in rocket technologies, but also in many other systems.

We strive to add the best to our team as partners. Postgraduate programs are important to us. We recruit friends who are determined to learn and carry out studies that will demonstrate their talent and experience.

A competitive environment emerges at the competitions during TEKNOFEST. We also have a lot of teammates here. Because of the work we have done, we must have highly experienced staff.

Roketsan is truly a distinguished institution of our country. Roketsan products are products that are used everywhere, they entered these markets with competition and received very positive feedback from their users.

These are systems that can hit the target point by point without harming friendly and sibling “elements”.

“Smart” munitions are munitions that allow us to destroy the threat at its source. We use it to hit point targets. Systems that are resistant to tampering and that can find their target regardless of interference. Sensors are very important. Roketsan’s biggest advantage is the use of these sensors. We have more than a thousand business partners around the world. In order to implement the systems in a short period of time, institutions specialized in each field are needed. We want to increase the number of companies moving the system with us.

Roketsan products are products that have found their way around the world, from the Far East to America. In recent years there has been a serious demand in Central Asia, Africa and the European market.

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As you know, since the systems we produce are sensitive systems, countries do not want their purchase declared openly. Our cooperation countries are friendly and brotherly countries. The fact that we cover some of the R&D resources we need with exports gives us greater margins.

Sanctions enable us to implement these systems. We can say that the sanctions provide more benefit than harm to the Turkish defense industry. We have gained the ability to use these products the way we want in our country. I can’t say that we have a very serious problem and from now on we will take it to a much higher level.

The Turkish SIHA

Turkish SİHAs are seriously attracting attention in Turkey and the world. Turkey is headed for a very different point. It is on its way to becoming a world leader in SİHA and smart munitions. It became a world leader in some segments. We can think of it as a sector that gradually increases its market share.

Our little friends-partners gain great experience. We see each of our partners leaving Roketsan as missing. We are far from the point where we will be in big trouble because of these losses. This is a problem for us, the brain drain, but it is not a situation that will prevent us from our activities. Every one of our engineers is valuable to us.

Air Defense System

In fact, it is necessary to talk about the concept of air defense. In a multi-layered way, it refers to the system in which overlapping systems work together, just like a cabbage.

When you put all this together, you have a multi-layered air defense system.

Each of these levels is one of the points that bring different technology.

Thanks to the efforts of not only Roketsan, but also all our companies, Turkey has reached a very good point.

SIPER will be our long-range air system.
Other ammunition

As you know, our Atmaca missile entered the TAF inventory a while ago. We have systems that can be used against threats that may come to our country.

We call Atmaca’s little brother, Çakır, as Roketsan’s mischievous child, a system that can find its target no matter what. A system will emerge that will be used by all platforms.

The first firing test of Çakır will take place at the end of the year. Serious studies are also being done on marine vehicles. Çakır will be successfully used as an anti-ship missile. A much more serious skill will emerge.

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Anti-tank missiles can be integrated into different platforms.

MAM-L is one of the leading ammunition in its field in the world. It has a range of over 16 kilometers. The MAM family is the main strike force of the SİHA. Each of these products continues to be developed.

The space race

The space race is a race where our country is not where it deserves to be. We see that there is a serious race on a global level regarding space.

It is a sector where all countries that want to develop invest. Turkey had the task of independent access to space. Until now, Roketsan has implemented many technologies. We built our first vehicle to reach space with our own technology.

In 2018, the 130 km limit was exceeded. In 2023, Turkey aims to reach 300 kilometers in space.”


From the above, we point out that Roketsan is among the first 100 defense companies in the world and uses post-graduate graduates for its staffing, while despite the leakage of some after gaining relevant experience, it can still achieve its many goals as a company.

The Greek military industry lags behind the Turkish one, as a result of which our country proceeds with the purchase of weapon systems from friendly countries, such as the USA-France-Israel mainly, but also the European PESCO, in which in the first year we will have to participate in many project, as compensation.

We point out for the umpteenth time the necessity of IMMEDIATE ACQUISITION from Greece of armed UAVs, USVs, kamikaze drones, in large numbers, as compensation for the “Turkish gallop” in SIHA, before it is too late.

Anti-drone systems are good, but we all know that on the one hand it is a defense system, on the other hand it can be oversaturated and receive interference from Turkish electronic warfare systems, resulting in a reduction in its effectiveness.

It is preferable in our opinion for Greece to have 8 less F-16 fighter jets, which according to recent purchase prices from Bulgaria of the same number of American F-16 BLOCK70, cost together with their weapon systems $1.67 billion and with the same money to have 1670 drones, since again according to current prices one Turkish Bayraktar costs about 1,000,000 dollars.

It is known that each period of time in history is characterized by a new weapon system that makes a difference on the battlefield, contributing decisively to achieving victory over the opponent.

This is now Drones, since the wars in Syria, Libya, Nagorno Karabakh and finally in Ukraine, prove that the most important factor in achieving victory is their massive use in place and time.

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