Daily Order of the Minister of National Defense Mr. Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos for October 28, 1940

Daily Order of the Minister of National Defense Mr. Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos for October 28, 1940

Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Crewmen, National Guardsmen, Reservists and Civilian Personnel of the Armed Forces,

Today, we celebrate and honor me national pride and solidarity the Anniversary of “NO”, which constitutes glorious capital in our long history and at the same time day of national memory and honor of heroes us.

Heroes who embodied the faith of the Greeks in their ideals Freedom and her Defense of the ancestors altars and hearths.

The immortal “NO” of the 40’sis a beacon in the path of the Nation and occupies a prominent position on the podium of our collective and national memory.

Men and Women of the Armed Forces,

Eighty-two years ago, our ancestors confronted us nationalist aspirations and totalitarian perceptions. Today, respectively, revising and destabilizing behaviors endanger and undermine the Principles of International Law, good neighborly relations, peace and stability in our wider region.

We must be vigilant and to strengthen the Combat Value of the Armed Forcesin order to secure the Sovereignty and Sovereign Rights of the Country, given that the security situation is volatile and the challenges escalate in our immediate and wider geopolitical environment,

Being aware of the above, the Government and the Ministry of National Defense set as a strategic goal the Armoring of our Homeland. Shielding that takes place through interventions in three directions. Upgrade of our weapon systems as well as maintenance of the existing ones. Reinforcement of the personnel of the Armed Forces. Deepening of relations and expansion of Greece’s alliances, through the channels of Defense Diplomacy.

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Our country is shielded defensively and deterrently. It defends national interests, respecting the Principles of International Law and is a factor of peace, security and stabilityat a time when fragile balances have been formed in its geopolitical space Eastern Mediterranean.

Therefore, the timeless commitment of the Armed Forces, to constitute the custodian of its territorial integrity and national independence Country. A commitment, a sacred obligation, towards our ancestors and future generations, which the Armed Forces fulfill in full on a daily basis.

Amen and women of the Armed Forces,

The Greek people are proud of you, they are grateful to you because your presence on the front line gives us strength to cope with the challenges of the times at the national and regional level. You are the power multiplier that makes the Armed Forces the most impenetrable pillar of National Power of our Country.

I congratulate you for the effort you put into defense of our National Sovereignty and for her your contribution to the social offering of the Armed Forces.

I invite you to continue to perform, with the same zeal, dedication and winning spirityour mission, defending our National Interests.

May the Agia Skepi of the Most Holy Theotokos, which is celebrated today, protect each of you, your families and the Nation.

Long live October 28, 1940!

Long live the Armed Forces!

Cheer for the nation!




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