Cyprus checkmate with the Iron Dome: The signatures for the purchase of the Israeli shield have fallen

The National Guard was eager to add it to its arsenal, and the Department of Defense accommodated the wishes of National Guard personnel. As Cyprus’ “KATHIMERINI” had written at the beginning of the summer, the Ministry of Defense implemented the government’s decision to purchase the Israeli Iron Dome anti-aircraft system.

As “K” is aware, the decision has been implemented and the signatures have already been signed with the Israeli side. This particular system based on the available data is the best currently available in air defense. This particular weapon system has passed all the tough tests in Israel receiving excellent comments for the rate of effectiveness in dealing with attacks by Hamas.

The specific system was seen up close by the head of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. Dimokritos Zervakis, during a visit he made to Israel last March. The system is considered ideal for the needs of the Cypriot air defense as well as the threat from Turkish UAVs.

The system

The Israeli anti-aircraft system has been in use by the Israeli military since March 2009 when the first tests were successfully carried out and became fully operational in 2011. It consists of three parts: the detection and tracking radar, the combat management and control system and a missile array. The range of the system’s missiles is 70 kilometers, fully covering in the case of Cyprus, a potential hostile action from the occupied territories, while it can also deal with an imported threat from the air.

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