Congratulations of the Head of GEETHA for the Events to Celebrate the Anniversary of October 28, 2023

General Konstantinos Floros, the Chief of the General Defense Forces, congratulates the personnel of the Armed Forces who took part in the events of the celebration of the anniversary of October 28, 2023, throughout the territory with the following Badge:

“I warmly congratulate all the military personnel, who in any way took part in the brilliant events of the anniversary celebration of October 28, throughout the territory.

I particularly congratulate the parade and honors divisions, whose consummate professionalism, impeccable performance, timing and overall commanding appearance highlighted the buoyant spirit, high morale, steely fortitude and indomitable determination of the men and women of the Armed Forces. , to defend in every way the integrity, independence and Freedom of the Motherland.

Complacency is not allowed, on the contrary vigilance and readiness is required to face every challenge and threat wherever it comes from.

You are the worthy successors of the Heroes of the 40’s epic and guarantors of the long and glorious historical path of Greece. With today’s grand parade, a resounding message of strength and deterrence was sent in all directions.

The debt, for the dignity and ensuring the integrity of the Motherland, has always been heavy. The same is true now that this baton of debt is in our hands. I have complete confidence in you and unlimited respect.


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