Completion of the National Multidisciplinary Exercise “DUREIOS IPPOS – 2023”

From Monday, October 16 to Friday, October 20, 2023, the National Multi-Branch Exercise named “DUREIOS IPPOS – 2023” was held at the Andravida Air Base and in the wider area northwest of the Peloponnese and south of the Ionian Sea.

“DUREIOS IPPOS – 2023” is a medium-scale Post-Troop Tactical Exercise (TAMS), which concerns the execution of Electronic Warfare (EW) operations, which was planned by GEETHA and executed under the direction of the Fleet Headquarters (AS).

In “DUREIOS IPPOS – 2023” participated:

  • From the Army, all available systems and means of communications, electronic warfare and electronic surveillance, anti-aircraft systems, as well as Attack Helicopters (EU/P) AH-64A.
  • From the Navy, 2 Frigates (F/C), 1 Fast Guided Missile Patrol Vehicle (RPV), 1 General Support Vessel (GUS), as well as 1 S-70B Helicopter.
  • From the Air Force, anti-aircraft systems, Rafale Fighter Aircraft, F-16 Block 50, Mirage 2000-5, as well as EMB – 145H Aircraft of the 380 Airborne Early Warning & Control System Squadron (ASEPE).
  • From the Special Warfare Command, Special Operations Teams of 32 TAX PZN, 7th MAK, ETA and 31 MEED.
  • Personnel and means of the NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS).

The Exercise was held in conjunction with the current Tactical Weapons School (TTO) Training Series, taking place at the Air Tactical Center (KEAT) headquarters at Andravidas Air Force Base, and aimed to train participating personnel in planning and conducting US interdisciplinary operations, in testing of the Armed Forces’ Interbranch Command and Control System, as well as increasing the operational and combat capability of the trainees, through operational training in a realistic and adapted to multiple threat environment.

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