Closing Ceremony of the 54th CISM World Military Sailing Championship in Greece

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, Vice-Commander GETHA Vice-Admiral Frangiskos Leloudas PN as a representative of GETHA Chief General Konstantinos Floros attended the closing ceremony of the 54th World Military Sailing Championship of the International Council of Military Sports (CISM) held in Greece from Wednesday 7 to Thursday June 15, 2023 (press here), in a ceremony that took place at the premises of the Naval Club of Greece (NOE) in Piraeus.

The holding of the games in Greece for the second time after 1962, confirms the constantly upgraded position of the Armed Forces and of our country in general in international military sports, demonstrating the decisive role of the Supreme Council of Sports of the Armed Forces (ASAED) of the GEETHA, which takes the lead in promoting corresponding actions, promoting the ideas and values ​​of Olympism.

The Greek Armed Forces Team in the sport of Sailing participated in the championship with a 5-member crew in PLATOON 25 class boats, and took 2nd place among the 9 participating Countries, while the 1st and 3rd places were taken by the Brazilian and Italian teams respectively. The Danish delegation received the “Ev Agonizesthai” award.

The closing ceremony was also attended by:

● The Regional Councilor of the Region of Attica Mr. Stavros Melas as the representative of the Regional Governor of Attica Mr. Georgios Patoulis.
● The Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece Mr. Shutenko Sergii.
● Mr. Neil Swain as representative of the Canadian Ambassador, Ms. Anna-Karine Asselin.
● The Director of the 2nd Branch GEA Vice Admiral (I) Evangelos Oikonomou as the representative of the Chief of General Staff Vice Admiral (I) Themistoklis Bourolias, the Director of the Directorate of Engineering of the General Staff of the General Staff Brigadier Efthimios Giannakakis as the representative of the Chief of Staff of General Staff Lieutenant General Angelos Houdeloudis and the Deputy Commander of the Naval Cadet School (SND) Chief Admiral Charalambos Ga you put PN as a representative of the Chief of General Staff Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN.
● Lieutenant General Emmanuel Durvetakis as the representative of the Chief of the Hellenic Police (HELP) Lt. General Lazaros Mavropoulos, Rear Admiral Nikolaos Polemis as the representative of the Chief of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard Vice Admiral L.S. Georgiou Alexandraki and Chief Fire Marshal Nikolaos Balsis as a representative of the Chief of the Fire Brigade (PS) Lieutenant General Georgios Pournaras.
● Mrs. Agi Kasoumi as the representative of the General Secretary of Sports, Mr. Georgios Mavrotas.
● The Deputy Governor of the Islands of the Attica Region, Mr. Stavros Voidonikolas.
● The Deputy Mayor of Piraeus, Ms. Andriana Zarakeli.
● The head of the Greek Delegation to the CISM and Director of the ASAED Secretariat Captain (O) Spyridon Andriopoulos PN.
● Secretary General of the CISM Navy Captain Roberto Recchia and PCSC (President of the CISM Sport Committee) Sailing Navy Captain Jeorge G. Flethes.
● Defense Followers in Greece, Spain, Italy and Poland.
● The Chairman of the Board of Directors of NOE Mr. Georgios Prokopiou and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Offshore Sailing Club (POIATH) Mr. Ioannis Maragoudakis.
● Motor Oil company executives.

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