Chris Pope: Keep Turkey’s F-16 Amendment in NDAA Bill

In a letter to the House and Senate Defense Affairs Committees, Congressman Chris Papas is calling for the F-16 amendment to be kept in the final text of the US Defense Budget Bill (NDAA).

It is recalled that this specific amendment places restrictions on Turkey’s acquisition of F-16s with the aim of ensuring that American fighters will not be used for overflights over the Aegean islands. In his letter, Chris Pope argues that the conditions are reasonable and work in the interests of both the US and NATO.

As he characteristically notes, “it is up to the administration (Biden) to provide clarification on how the F-16s given by the US will not be used as a tool by one NATO ally to violate the sovereignty of another, particularly with given the very real risk of conflict between the two.

If Turkey stops its territorial overflights, its return to the values ​​and respect for the rule of law on which the (NATO) alliance is based would be welcome. In addition, tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean will be significantly reduced, allowing the US and NATO allies to focus solely on the existential threat of Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.”

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