Ceremony in Honor of National Guard Soldier Free Traffic Plan Users


On Tuesday, June 06, 2023, it was held at the company’s headquarters CNP Cyprus, a modest event in which the soldiers who made systematic use of the Free Movement of Soldiers of the National Guard (SSDOEF) were awarded, in the presence of the families of the honored soldiers, the Minister of Defense, Mr. Michalis Giorgallas, the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works , Mr. Alexis Vafiadis, the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Demokritos Zervakis, the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Andreas Loukas, the Inspector General of the National Guard, Major General Neophytos Pahoulides and a delegation of executives.

In his brief greeting, the Chief of the National Guard, after congratulating the honorees and their families for their choice to systematically use the Free Traffic Plan for their transportation, thanked the CNP for the event as well for the continuous and lasting support to the national guards. Subsequently, he referred to the general framework implemented by the National Guard to strengthen road awareness among its personnel, and especially young conscripts, with the aim of reducing traffic accidents. Concluding and in view of the upcoming ranking of 2023 ESSO, he urged parents to encourage their children to make use of SDDOEF and to choose it for the daily traffic to and from their Units.

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