Can you wear makeup to cadets?

Make-up: Cadets are authorized to wear a minimal amount of make-up when in uniform. False eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, brightly coloured eye shadow or lipstick, coloured nail polish, or excessive facial make-up are not allowed.

Can you wear make-up in the military

Males are prohibited from wearing cosmetics, to include nail polish. Females are authorized to wear cosmetics with all uniforms, provided they are applied conservatively and in good taste and complement the uniform.

What is the standard for a female cadet’s hair style

Hair: Clean, neatly shaped, and present a well-groomed appearance. Lopsided and extremely asymmetrical haircuts and hair styles are not authorized. Braids, if worn, must be neatly and inconspicuously secured at all points to the head, and may not dangle free at any point.

Can you wear makeup in Jrotc

No hair “fads” (including unnatural hair color) are permitted. Makeup and nail polish will be conservative and complement the uniform. b) Females may wear small earrings while in Class A and Class B uniforms.

Can female cadets wear earrings

In addition, female cadets in uniform may wear a single pair of plain gold or silver stud or white pearl earrings in pierced ears. The single stud earring, worn in the centre of each earlobe, shall be spherical in shape and not exceed 6 mm in diameter.

Can you dye your hair in cadets?

Hair must be worn so that without a headdress the cadet’s face is visible. Full or partial shaving of hair on the head is permitted. Colouring of hair is permitted.

Can female soldiers wear lipstick?

Women soldiers may also wear nail polish and lipstick as long as the colors present a professional appearance and are not “extreme.” Extreme colors include blue, black, gold, white and bright colors. Men may also wear nail polish as long as it is clear.

Do you have to wear a bra in the military

You’ll need casual, comfortable clothing. Also bring white underwear, calf-length athletic socks (also white), a pair of comfortable shoes or running shoes and your eyeglasses. Besides these items, women recruits also need sports bras, regular bras, hair elastics that match your hair color and feminine hygiene items.

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Can you hug in military uniform

PDA. Because members are required to maintain professionalism in uniform, personal displays of affection are typically frowned upon except in certain situations. For instance, moderate kissing and hugging is acceptable when there’s a homecoming or deployment.

What type of earrings can a female cadet wear?

Jewelry. Female cadets may wear 1 earring in each ear with the Class A and Class B uniforms. No earrings are authorized with the Class C uniform (ACU). Earrings may not exceed ¼ inch in diameter. They may be of gold, silver, or white pearl; unadorned and spherical.

Can cadets have tattoos?

Tattoos are not authorized on the hands (except one ring tattoo on one finger on one hand), head, neck (anything visible above the open collar uniform), face, tongue, lips, and scalp.

Can you have dyed hair in army cadets

Practically and according to the rules, no.

Do girls have to wear skirts in air cadets

Female Cadets can choose between skirts or slacks. If tights are worn, they should be 15 Denier (nearly black) If trousers are worn, black socks should be worn.

Is eyeliner allowed in army uniform

Permanent makeup, such as eyebrow or eyeliner, is authorized as long as the makeup conforms to the standards outlined above. Females will not wear shades of lipstick and nail polish that distinctly contrast with their complexion, that detract from the uniform, or that are extreme.

Can you bring makeup to basic training

Female cosmetics. One of each is permitted: face powder, blush, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara (non-aerosol or glass). Make-up will be authorized for division photos and graduation weekend only.

What do you wear to the cadets

  • Beret.
  • Smock.
  • Shirt.
  • T-shirt.
  • Trousers.
  • Boots.

Is 16 too old to join cadets

The Army Cadets can offer a lot of exciting opportunities to young people from 12 and 17 years old, but we know that parents and carers will have questions about the Army cadets, what it does and the kind of activities our cadets take part in.

Should I bring makeup to camp

No one’s beauty routine, or lack thereof, should ever keep them from enjoying the beauty of nature. As long as you leave no trace, bring what makes you feel good and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it!

Do cadets have to cut their hair

Male cadets will be clean shaven at all times when in uniform. Hair shall be taper trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears. It shall be kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.)

Can cadets get married

Cadets at military service academies are not permitted to marry until they graduate as a member of the military or otherwise leave their academy. Otherwise, there are no rules on whom or when military members can marry.

Can you have a nose piercing in cadets?

Cadets in uniform shall not wear visible body piercing adornments (tongue included), with the exception of female cadet’s earrings. Jewelery used for piercings of the eyebrows, the nose, the lips, etc, must be removed when in uniform.

Do you have to be fit for cadets

How fit do I have to be to become a cadet? You must be sufficiently physically and mentally fit to work at sea and pass an ENG1 medical examination (see next answer).

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Can you shoot guns in cadets

Whatever level you are as a cadet, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at military skills and drills including shooting. Marksmanship goes a long way back in the history of Air Cadets and is one of our most popular activities.

Do female soldiers have periods

Bases have stores with menstrual products available.

Many troops live on them—sometimes with their families! —so there are restaurants, post offices, and stores known as “exchanges” that sell hygiene products (among other things), including tampons and sanitary pads.

Can females have white nails in the Army

Amend paragraph 3–2c to authorize female soldiers to wear solid color shades of nail polish that are not extreme. Extreme colors include, but are not limited to, purple, bright pink, red, gold, blue, black, hot pink, green, yellow, white, grey, ombre, and fluorescent/neon colors, to include French manicure.

Do soldiers carry condoms?

One such item is perhaps the smallest piece of armor that our soldiers wear to protect themselves: the condom. Condoms have been used for several centuries as both birth control and prophylactic.

Do females have to shave in the Army

Army regulations, for example, stipulate that a woman actually can’t shave her head. Shaved styles are considered trendy — a big no-no in the stylishly conservative and highly restricted world of the military. But a better question is why did men have to start shaving their heads in the first place?

Do you have to shower together in the Army

There’s no way out of communal showers. They’re required. Everyone in your barracks will enter the shower room assigned to your barracks when commanded. The shower area is one large tiled room with multiple shower heads along the walls.

How long do you have to shower in the military

The total running time of this kind of shower can last less than two minutes – using an initial thirty seconds or so to get wet, followed by shutting off the water, using soap and shampoo and lathering, then rinsing for a minute or less.

Can you wear mascara in the military

Army Makeup Regulations

Women can wear makeup in all uniforms. Makeup should be modest and conservative. Women can’t wear eyelash extensions without a medical prescription. Lipstick can not distinctly contrast with lip color.

Can you kiss a Marine in uniform

Do not expect or offer public displays of affection whenever a service member is in uniform. However, brief kisses and hugs are acceptable during deployments and homecomings. Eating, drinking, using a cellphone and smoking while walking is generally banned in uniform.

Can you chew gum in uniform

(1) While walking in uniform, officers must not eat, drink, or chew gum. (2) Officers must not place hands in their pockets of any uniform component except when obtaining or storing an item. (3) Officers must not store items in pockets if they produce a bulky appearance.

How many bracelets can a cadet wear


Any jewelry worn Cadets in uniform must be conservative and in good taste. Identification bracelets are limited to medical alert bracelets and MIA/POW identification bracelets. Cadets may wear only one item on each wrist.

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