Business Training of 79 ADTE

From October 17 to 18, 2023, an operational training of the Units of the 79 National Guard Battalions (79 ADTE) “MYKALI” was carried out, during which a significant number of items were examined, such as readiness and alert exercises, media functionality control and weapon systems activation.

The activities of the Formation were watched by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army Lt. Gen. Angelos Houdeloudis, during his visit to the Area of ​​Responsibility of the 79 ADTE “MYKALI”, noting the high level of training, readiness and morale of the personnel.

In addition, he visited Units, military installations, the Island Defense Administration (DAN) of Ikaria, the Guard Stations (EF) on the islands of Agathonisi and Fournos as well as the “PSILLIS AMMOU” EF.

The Chief, addressing the personnel of the Formation, pointed out that continuous realistic training is required for the successful execution of his mission. Finally, he gave directions for constant readiness and vigilance and congratulated the staff for the work they are doing.

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