Bulgaria: Strange incident- Border guard dead from shooting at the border with Turkey

A Bulgarian border guard, who was shot on the border with Turkey, died tragically, as announced by the Ministry of the Interior in Sofia early on Tuesday.

The perpetrator is said to be inside Turkish territory.

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According to TASS, the incident took place on Monday evening, around 8.35 pm, when an unknown person fired at a border police officer and a soldier who were patrolling the border in Goliam Derved region, on the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The border police officer died on the spot while the soldier was not injured.

Border patrol cars rushed to the scene for investigations and reinforcements, but the perpetrator was not found. It is estimated to be in Turkish territory.

However, it is noted that no illegal immigrants were found in the area.

The Turkish border authorities have been informed and sent their squads to the area of ​​the shooting. A meeting with the Bulgarians has also been arranged for Tuesday.

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