British officer: ‘It is important to prepare our loved ones and our families for possible war’

“It’s important to prepare our loved ones and our families.”

A “bombshell” was launched by the top British officer Paul Carney, who indirectly but clearly stated in the newspaper “The Mirror” that the British army is worried about the possibility of a military clash with the Russians.

Thus he urged the British to prepare properly for possible war.

According to Carney, the families of British soldiers should be prepared to be sent to the war zone against Russian troops. ”Soldiers may be called on to perform a military mission far from home and families need to get the necessary support – that’s why,” he added.

Carney also believes the world is currently “faced with new realities” and the UK should be able to resist “any aggression”.

Meanwhile, according to Politico, citing the Institute for the World Economy, leading Western countries have effectively halted arms supplies to aid Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

According to the portal, in July, Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland, Spain and Italy for the first time after the start of the Russian special operation did not provide Kyiv with weapons systems and did not conclude a single agreement on the arms supply.

Earlier, when asked if he would prepare for war with Russia, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he did not think it “would happen”.

Johnson claims that NATO countries are only helping Ukraine so that it can defend itself.

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