Bild: What Putin wants after last week’s large-scale attacks

After Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a “terror wave” into Ukraine in response to the partial destruction of the Crimean bridge, he is reportedly no longer planning large-scale attacks, according to Bild.

Speaking at the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) summit in ally Kazakhstan, Putin said:

“There is no longer a need for mass strikes at this time. Now there are other tasks.”

According to Bild, this does not mean that Putin is “softening”.

And that’s because he also announced at the same time that during last Monday’s large-scale attack on Ukraine, out of a total of 29 targets, 7 were not damaged “as planned by the Ministry of Defense.”

The intention is to “fix”.

The Kremlin leader did not say what specific targets were involved.

Two contradictory statements, from the same man – the question arises, according to Bild: Does Putin himself still know what he wants?

About seven-and-a-half months after the start of the war, Russia launched more than 80 missiles at Ukraine on Monday – including at the capital, Kyiv.

About 20 people were killed and more than 100 were injured.

The targets of the attacks were Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, but also many political buildings.

Putin also said at the CIS summit in Kazakhstan, days after the large-scale attack on Ukrainian cities:

“We did not set out to destroy Ukraine. No, of course not.”
This is an outright lie, according to the German newspaper.

Time and again Putin and his power apparatus have made it clear: they want to destroy everything Ukrainian.

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Also, the continuous attacks against Ukrainian cities, civilians and infrastructure speak a different, very clear and violent language, notes Bild.

Torture, executions, rape – when asked if the Kremlin leader regretted the war, which Moscow continues to call only a “special military operation”, Putin said only: “No”.

At the same time, the Russian president warned NATO against the intervention, which, according to Putin, would lead to global catastrophe.

Putin also told Kazakhstan he was willing to negotiate.

However, according to him, the talks with Ukraine should be conducted under international mediation.

There were negotiations at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, but after the massacre in Bucha and other parts of Ukraine was discovered, the talks froze.

In the negotiations, Russia insists that the occupied territories of Ukraine are considered Russian.

Kyiv, on the other hand, demands the restoration of the 1991 borders, including the return of Crimea, which was annexed in violation of international law.

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