Wins $8.5 Million US Army Contract for GFIM has been awarded an $8.5 million contract by the US Army for a six-month extension to work on Global Force Information Management System (GFIM), announced on 12 June.

GFIM is one of the first defense business systems to span the operational mission domain and the warfighting mission domain. Implementing an automated Deploy to Redeploy and Retrograde of Material (D2RR) will add to the Army’s efforts to enhance readiness, improve global force management, and streamline operations. was awarded a single-source contract to work with Deloitte, Appian and Ignite IT to develop an intelligent enterprise-wide automation platform, consolidating 15 different legacy systems into an automated D2RR process.

“GFIM will be the first party to trade valid data to send a demand signal to trigger an action,” says Lori Mangold, U.S. Army G-3 GFIM Command Director.

“For example, if you are in human resources, you may not know what people and skills you need and when you need them unless you receive a demand signal from GFIM. The force structure position can then direct and guide you so you can recruit appropriately, implement retention methods and know what training is needed – and how to get it.”

As the prime contractor, will work together with its partners to provide the US Army with a comprehensive perspective of its global force structure. In earlier phases of the project, significant progress was made in developing foundation force design, registration and accounting capabilities.

Phase 2 capabilities were tested through user validation, which included members of the entire US military, and now is tasked with migrating the prototype to the Army’s cARMY cloud, according to the Army Cloud Plan 2022 .

See also  US seeks to fund Israeli laser as Army examines Iron Beam capabilities’s work is intended to help the US military fulfill Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth’s goal of adopting cutting-edge technologies and transitioning to a more data-driven approach. In a February speech to service members, Wormuth described the importance of a comprehensive, data-driven strategy to enable the US Army to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency as a force in the future.

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