Belgrade Emergency Announcement – NATO Drones Over Two Camps in S.Serbia

Prime Minister of Serbia: “We will shoot down any UAV (NATO) that enters our territory again”

NATO drones have been spotted over camps in S.Serbia mobilizing Serbian MIG-29s, while the Albanians prepare to activate Presevo, causing huge potential ramifications across the Balkans.

Nothing has ended in the tension that exists between Kosovo and Serbia, since last night’s incident with the drone flight over Southern Serbia was mentioned today by the Serbian Prime Minister.

Today’s announcement by the Serbian government

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told Radio Serbia that “unmanned aerial vehicles observed and recorded in the ground security area two barracks of the Serbian army, while President Aleksandar Vucic ordered the strengthening of air security”, with MiG aircraft taking off -29.

“If something like this happens again, we will shoot down every such UAV,” the Serbian prime minister said.

She continued, “There has been no reaction from NATO peacekeepers who have increased controls in the northern part of Kosovo to ‘maintain a calm and secure environment.’

Reaction of the Kosovar defense minister

Kosovo’s Defense Minister, Armend Mehaj, in a post on social networks rejected the claims of the Serbian authorities, stressing that they “aim to create a pretext for increasing the number of Serbian army troops around the border with Kosovo as a means of spreading a state of panic among the citizens of both states”.

The Serbian army had been put on alert due to the situation in Kosovo on the day authorities began implementing the central government’s decision in Pristina to change Serbian car number plates.

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The warnings came despite calls by the United States and the European Union for Kosovo to delay for 10 months the implementation of the decision to convert car number plates, an issue that has in the past sparked high tensions with Serbia, which opposes Kosovo’s independence .

Western sources say that “Serbia’s close ties with Russia could make things worse on the ground.”

Both sides are currently considering a Franco-German proposal backed by Washington for a deal, but details have not yet been made public.

Presevo will be the next Kosovo

On the occasion of a population census in Presevo in Southern Serbia, the Albanians of the region state that they have reached 100,000, a number that Belgrade does not recognize.

The population and household registration process that began on October 1 in Serbia was completed on October 31.

Albanian media reports that “In the Presevo valley and in all Albanian settlements there was a mobilization for the registration of Albanians living in these areas. The process went without problems, while the preliminary results refute the Serbian state authorities, which the Albanians considered only 5200 inhabitants, based on the 2011 census.

From the cabinet of the mayor of Presevo, Albanam Arifi, according to Telegrafin, it was established that 59 thousand inhabitants live in Presevo. In Bujanoc over 45 thousand 500 inhabitants, while in Medvegja over 8 thousand 500 inhabitants have been recorded. In total we are talking about 120,000 Albanians in Southern Serbia.

In 2021, the Helsinki commission issued a special report and called the removal of Albanians from the Presevo valley “ethnic cleansing by administrative means”, causing alarm in Belgrade and Moscow.

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The report, entitled “Albanian Minority in Waiting – Presevo, Bujanok and Medvejja as Hostage of Kosovo-Serbia Relations”, clarifies that Serbia is carrying out extensive ethnic cleansing of Albanians.

According to Flora Ferati-Sachesenmaier, a researcher at the Max Plant Institution for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, more than 4,000 Albanians have lost their citizenship in recent years.

They themselves, due to poverty, were forced to leave their homes in Presevo and move to Kosovo or Skopje.

Presevo is located on the border with Kosovo and consists of two municipalities, Presevo and Bujanoc, where the majority of the population is Albanian.

Ferati-Sachesenmaier stated that “the Serbian government wants to establish ‘national homogeneity within its borders.'” She added that Serbs are depriving Albanian citizens of their basic rights and turning them into stateless people.

Russia-Serbia relations and the Russian base in Nice are the main target of the US, in a country that may in the future be the “Syria” of the Balkans.

But now such a scenario is less improbable, because we have a strong Russian military presence in Nice (2000 Russian advisers) while we have upgraded the equipment of the Serbian armed forces with state-of-the-art weapon systems, such as aircraft, missiles, etc.

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