Bayraktar: The Russian army destroyed everything

Bayraktar: Did the Russian army destroy all Turkish drones in Ukraine?

“Ukraine no longer has attack drones”, notes the agency as it is claimed that, despite deliveries of Turkish attack drones to Ukraine, “all were disabled or completely destroyed”.

Russian military officers emphasize that now the Armed Forces of Ukraine “cannot carry out attacks with drones”.

“The enemy is mainly using reconnaissance drones since they have no strike drones left,” Russian military sources underline.

Bayraktar: The Russian army destroyed everything

As we have noted in the past, Turkey is seeing the narrative of the Turkish Bayraktars… collapsing with a bang in Ukraine, since it seems that the position of the Russians is confirmed, that these are UAVs “flying targets”.

Let’s remember that Turkish UAVs also cannot land and take off on a bad runway, since their wings are damaged due to the vibrations.

At the same time, Turkey is trying in every way to… straighten its wrinkled profile, making continuous publications.

This… difficult task has been undertaken by Milliyet which does not pass a day without making an issue mentioning… how good Turkish drones are.

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